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These girls are such sweethearts. I've never had a massage, I'm totally shy about people touching me, but they are so kind that they make me think I should. They really, really care about what they do. You'll know it the minute you meet them.
-Michelle F.

Lisa and Blaise are both amazing massage therapists! I prefer deep tissue work and both of these ladies do great deep tissue work, and that is hard to find! Love the studio too, small really relaxing, beautiful and peaceful! Thanks ladies look forward to every visit!
-Donnette C.

I moved into the area almost a year ago. After several massages I finally found The Massage Studio and Lisa and Blaise. Both are phenomanal practitioners, having a superior understanding of your body and using the appropriate amount of pressure needed to resolve the knot, stress point, muscle spasm. After 90 minutes I leave feeling relaxed and loose and wishing it had been 120 minutes. They are my new massage therapists. Have recommended them to friends and would recommend them to you.
-Lori D.

Oh my gosh! I feel so good right now. The massage I just got from Lisa was AMAZING! She is such a talented masseuse and the studio provides such a relaxing atmosphere. I highly recommend this massage studio.
-Rebecca C.

I heartily recommend an appointment with The Massage Studio Sonoma. You will come out minus sore muscles, relieved of aches and pains and completely relaxed. And the amenities - wow! A must for a good and healthy body.
-Neville R.

I just had my second massage with Lisa and I am hooked! Regular massages are a must for a pregnant momma and Lisa is the best! My hip was giving me some grief prior to my massage - Lisa kneaded the muscles and stretched out my aching hip. I feel like a new woman who can walk comfortably! I am grateful Lisa was recommended to me and will be returning regularly throughout my pregnancy!!
-Elizabeth B.

Massage Studio Sonoma is a clean, calm, well appointed space. Blaise, one of the masseuses, is adept at many modalities. She has an intuitive touch and strong hands. She works equally well giving a deep tissue or gentle massage. I highly recommend the experience.

I've had really good massages before but I believe Lisa provides the best. After just one hour-long session she could tell what was going on in my body, some of which I was aware and some not. She does a lot of manipulation of arms and legs and pays special attention to my bad shoulder. I have never worked with Blaise but my sister-in-law used her last week and says it was the best massage she'd ever had. Go online and schedule one now!
-Doug M.

I have being going Lisa for several weeks now and her skills as a massage therapist have transformed my body. I was dealing with constant stiffness and soreness with my neck, my shoulders and upper arms. Lisa approached my situation not just in these areas, but the rest of my body as well because I realized it's all inter-related. In the last few weeks I have seen the soreness and stiffness diminish significantly! And a great and unexpected bonus is how much more energy I now have. Also Lisa's multifaceted massage work with aromatherapy, deep tissue work, hot stones etc during a session is relaxing, soothing, healing and restorative. I look forward to seeing her.
-Elizabeth M.

Blaise & Lisa have helped me out so much with my neck & shoulders!!!!
- Joanne H.

My husband and I have had the pleasure of several massage treatments by Blaise at The Massage Studio and we both agree they have been amazing! The atmosphere, the warm massage bed, the treatments, have all been 5-star! We have even purchased a series of massages because this is something we know we want to continue and use on a regular basis. We both have had a lot of massages, and our treatments from The Massage Studio and Blaise have been the best! We highly recommend!
- Gillet B.

I am an esthetician and former massage therapist and Lisa gives one of the BEST massages I've ever had. Relaxing and still gets the knots out. You will love her!
- Rachel S.

Back in December I had an hour massage with Blaise, had been a gift certificate that I cashed in. Wow. Went back this month and treated myself to a 90 minute with Lisa. Wow again. Such a nice space; comfortable and sleek. Highly recommend either as both are calm and in tune with bodies and touch. Will be back. Treat yourself or someone right.
-Renea M.

Blaise gave me a wonderful massage. Her strokes down my spine were long, deep, fluid and harmonic. She massaged tight muscles with her strong fingers until the tension melted away. I enjoyed her soft gentle tone in relating and the sweetness of her personality. I am an old lady who has received massage for many years and I consider her work excellent.
-Beulah A.

Great place!!! New at massage and felt very comfortable. I recommend it to anyone that needs one and looking for some place local in Sonoma.
- Cullen K.

I had a massage yesterday at The Massage Studio-Sonoma, and it was amazing! I cannot recommend this place enough. The atmosphere is relaxing and soothing and you really feel spoiled here. I work a job that is hard on my upper body and suffered an injury a few months back, Blaise was able to release so much tension that I had been holding and really tuned into my body. I feel the best I have felt in months today. I loved it so much that I bought a series of 5 massages.
-Amy L.

I am a working mom of three kids, hunched over my desk all day or hauling kids. A massage was long overdue but a bit of a splurge for our family. I cannot describe how much better I feel after a massage with Lisa. I am standing up straight for the first time in months, my posture has improved and I'm sure my overall back health will benefit. I will no longer regard massage as a "treat" but as a routine must for my back health. Thank you Lisa!
-Kristina T.

Lisa is amazing. Left feeling relaxed and tranquil. Really affordable too!
-Damien U.

I have now had two massages with Blaise and both have been tranquil, relaxing and rejuvenating massages. Blaise is warm and welcoming and brings a great energy to each massage. I store my stress in my shoulders and when Blaise worked on them, I could feel the stress and discomfort just disintegrating as she worked on each knot. Blaise made my 90 minute massage feel like I had been there forever, it was just what I needed. I went out to dinner after my massage and my friends commented on how relaxed and refreshed I looked--I definitely felt much much better and she helped rid my body of built up stress. I also love the decor of the Massage Studio, the colors are inviting and calming. I will definitely be going back for more massages, I am so glad I found the Massage Studio.
-Alice L.

Lisa's an amazing massage therapist who's your neck knot's worst enemy! She really knows her anatomy forward and backwards, straight up and upside down which is crucial in the skill of massage therapy. If you haven't tried her, you absolutely must!
- WaxingQueen Bee

Thanks Blaise for the great work before the Napa to Sonoma half marathon! I get a lot of massage and appreciate finding knowledgeable therapists when on the road, you have a great touch!
- Sara H.

Fantastic spot for locals who want to make massage part of their routine without paying the hiked-up tourist spa prices. Quality and accessibility - a really great addition to the community. So happy about this!
- Brooke T.

Just had a wonderful relaxing massage by Lisa. I am pretty picky when it comes to massages and this one was fabulous! She worked out all my "problem areas" and I feel great. What a gem of a massage studio for Sonoma! Book an appointment, you will be so glad you did!
- Wendy W.

I had a prenatal massage with Blaise. It was amazing. She spent extra time on my swollen feet and worked deeply on my kinked neck from side sleeping with my giant belly. Her time spent as a professional doula in the past made her knowledge of the pregnant body bring me comfort during the massage, I knew she knew what not to do and what to do. Even better was that I went into labor 2 days later with a more relaxed state of mind. Can't wait to go back and to try one with Lisa. :)
-Lacy O.

Thank you for giving me my shoulders back! Best foot massage I've had. Sense of mastery in hands that made me relax and trust - hands knew where to go and very complete!
- Rebecca S.

Excellent deep tissue massage with Lisa - one of the best I've had! A great addition to Sonoma. Highly recommended.
- David A.

Started my day off right with Blaise this morning, I have never had such a massage. She used techniques I was not familiar with and my neck and back have never felt better. Much needed, and my expectations were definitely exceeded. THANK YOU!! Perfect location - I plan to come back monthly.
- Christina D.

I've had two massages from Lisa. This is one of the best massages I've ever had! I was so relaxed this last time, I found myself drifting off to sleep. She is a talented masseuse who knows how to make my aches and pains disappear! I highly recommend that you try these two talented local women at The Massage Studio.
- Pam M.

I just had the best 90 minute massage ever! I feel amazing. Highly, highly recommend!!!!
- Lissa T.

Excellent spot for a STELLAR massage! Blaise is excellent! She knows how to massage your issues away. I have seen many other massage therapist but haven't found anyone that excels like Blaise. The table & face cradle are sooooo comfortable. A lot of other places don't have a comfortable set up and it hurts after a while. Wonderful soothing music and serene essential oils to enjoy during your entire massage treatment! Very professional! I personally & highly recommend it!
- Elisa M.

Lisa helped so much when I hurt my neck! She was very intuitive and fantastically soothing!! Such a great massage!
- Libby O.

Blaise is amazing! I have gotten massages elsewhere and nothing compares!
- Mary S.

It's awesome. Nothing like it in town. Perfect fit for our community.
- Carlos S.

Best massage I've ever gotten! Soothing music and colors, comfortable bed, amazing atmosphere, and don't get me started on the massage. Lisa did a wonderful job she's knowledgeable, strong yet gentle. I can't wait to get another one.
- Candy S.

Lisa is AMAZING!!!
- Joanne R.

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