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Benefits of Massage:

We all have an abundance of stress in our lives and the body’s natural reaction to stress, be it physical, mental or emotional, is to tense up and get ready for “fight or flight.” Chronic tension causes muscles to knot up. A dull ache can eventually lead to pain as muscles become less flexible and more prone to injury or dysfunction. Regular massage can reverse the stress-cycle. It’s the perfect antidote for pain and tension. In addition, our daily routines, jobs, hobbies and pretty much everything we do can put wear and tear on our bodies. Whether it's from sitting or standing all day, heavy computer usage, commuting, doing sports and exercise, gardening, dancing, playing musical instruments, lifting children or even sleeping wrong, our bodies can get out of balance and need massage to make nice again.

Massage makes life feel better!

Increase joint and muscle flexibility
Decrease level of stress hormones in our body like cortisol
Strengthen Immune System
Improve Circulation
Stimulate Lymph System for detoxification
Improve Posture and Body Mechanics
Improve sports performance and endurance
Decrease pain and healing time for injuries
Increase energy and vitality
Improve overall health and well-being
Renew your body and calm your mind
Improve sleep quality

To Prepare for Your Massage

We recommend scheduling your appointment for a time that you know you will not be rushed. We will not be able to extend your appointment time if you arrive late.

Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to get in and out of, or bring a change of clothes that you will feel good wearing after your massage.

Eating a heavy meal or drinking large amounts of caffeine or alcohol before a massage is not ideal. You also don't want to be hungry as that will distract from your relaxation experience.

Tips for After Your Massage

Drink lots of water! This is important to flush out toxins released during the massage and rehydrate the newly relaxed muscle and connective tissue.

Everybody feels different after a massage - sometimes very relaxed and sleepy, or sometimes very energized, but it is always best to not have too much scheduled for after your massage.

Light exercise can be good after a massage but nothing too strenuous is recommended.

If you have dry skin, leaving on the high quality organic massage oil we use is a good thing to do.

Taking an Epsom Salt bath (2 cups for normal sized tub, soak for 15-20min) is highly recommended to continue detoxification process, further loosen the muscles worked on during massage, and to prevent possible soreness the next day if deep work was done.

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